July 12, 2010

Orange Co: EcoBeau Natural Skincare + GIVEAWAYS

I am a big fan of natural products as I do not like to put chemicals on my face. I have very sensitive skin and it is always hard for me to find a suitable skin care range that suits my skin. A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to try: Ecobeau Natural Skincare EcoBeau Natural Skincare are really popular in Korea and are sold only in Korea (hmmmm, no wonder Koreans have such good skin!They have been using Eco Beau Natural Skincare ). However, thanks to Orange Co, we can now have the opportunity to get beautiful skin with EcoBeau Natural Skincare Ecobeau’s antimicrobial properties help to stimulate skin cell's regenerating system. It may not show immediate results as synthetic and harsh skincare products out in the market which many a times only provide temporary efficacy. Its antioxidant extract from herb medicine diminishes wrinkles and acts as natural source of whitening. Continuous use of Ecobeau line will give you bright, moist, smooth, resilient and clear lustrous skin ( taken from http://www.theorangeco.com/store/Natural-Skincare-Sensitive-skin) What I love about EcoBeau Natural Skincare No Synthetic Preservatives No Alcohol No Parabens It gives me a very refreshed feeling after using their products.
Therefore, it is Safe & Effective! For All Skin Types including Sensitive and Acne Skin.
Its time to change your skin care products to Eco Beau. Visit: http://www.theorangeco.com/store/Natural-Skincare-Sensitive-skin

Orange Co has kindly sponsored FOUR sets of ECO BEAU's TRAVEL KITS to FOUR LUCKY JANTH AVENUE READERS!!!!
For set 1: The travel kit consists of EcoBeau Loess Cleanser which I absolutely adore. It is a foam base and it is so easy to use. A quick way to tell if a product is made of natural ingredients, the cleanser SHOULD NOT bubble up when mixed with water. if it does, chuck it away as you are putting chemicals on your face. The other two products in set 1 are toner and lotion.
For Set 2: It consists of EcoBeauloess cleanser, EcoBeau BB Cream and EcoBeau moisturiser. I really love the BB cream as it consists of SPF which protects me from the sun and because it is of the colour of my skin, it also acts like a liquid foundation making my face texture look even. Simply make a short comment on why you want to try this Eco Beau products and include

1. Which set you want ( set 1 or 2 )
2. Email address  

Contest ends 15 July (ended)

( Winners choosen by Orange Co. You should receive an email shortly)

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  1. Set ONE!
    I am so excited!I would love to try it since I have blemish prone skin =D PICK MEEEE!

    Nur Esna

  2. I have sensitive face too and make me have low confidence. Hope u can pick me so I can try out if product suit my skin.

    Set 2

    Yan Yan

  3. Woots Jan!
    I would love to try it!
    Anything that can make my skin more radiant and beautiful! =D
    Set 1 pls!!

    Rachelle =)

  4. set 1 pls..

    my skin breaks and is very dry when i use skin products with alcohol.. can u u let me try so that my search for the perfect skincare product will end?



  5. its a new product that seems to suit my skin that frequently have acne plus its oily.
    Doesnt have a suitable product for my face yet :/
    thus would like to try out this product !

    set 1

  6. A chance to change my skin... I guess with EcoBeau, it's definitely possible. Beautiful, lustrous skin... here I come ^_^

    1. Set 2 please
    2. cosmic.cupid@hotmail.com


  7. I would like Set 1! I haven't found a set of ideal products for my face as it always changes from normal to combination to very oily! I hope this would make a great change for me! :D


  8. WOW!!! I mean who wouldn't want to try EcoBeau??!!
    a) It stimulate's skin cell's regenerating system
    b) It brightens, moistens, smoothens so that you can achieve resilient and clear lustrous skin
    What more can I want? I'm sold gal!

    Thanks! Can I have:
    Set 1

  9. Naturalism Ecobeau products sounds really good! I have really sensitive skin,hope Ecobeau will be the one for me!

    1)set 1

  10. I'm a big believer in organic and natural products, because those with perfume and alcohol irritates my skin and causes rashes. With EcoBeau products, I no longer have to worry about having to rely on chemicals to look and feel good!

    1. Set 2
    2. inter.aliax@gmail.com

  11. Since birth I had inherited my parents' dry and sensitive skin, it is so hard to find the right product. I hope I would have the chance to try this product. Thank you! (:

    My choice: Set 1
    Email: ivyho.love@gmail.com

  12. Hello janice! :D

    I would like to try out set 1 , same as you.. I have sensitive skin which means, there's alot of products be it even very good I cant use. As my skin will show some irritation towards it, like it'll turn red or have rash. :(

    I love organic products too as Im aware that some products contain alot of chemical which is not good for the skin, especially sensitive skin.
    I hope to be able to give this set 1 a try ! :)

    1) set 1...
    2)alicialeonglishan@hotmail.com :D :D

    p.s: thanks for always sharing good stuff with us all! :)

  13. I've sensitive & dry skin, and I have to be careful abt the type of products I use. It doesn't help that I get tanned v easily even when I try my best to stay in doors. I'm always on the lookout for suitable skin products & so far, a lot of the branded and popular stuff had caused me to break out & dry out. It would be great to try set 2 out to see if it works for me. Even better if it helps to whiten! :)


  14. I have sensitive and dry skin, and tend to tan easily in the sun. I'm always on the look out for suitable face products that will wk. So far, quite a few of the branded & popular products have caused me to break out & dry out. Would be great if I can try out Set 2 to see if it'll work for me. :)


  15. I've been wanting to try eco products! My skin is really terribly sensitive, been trying hard to find a suitable brand for my face! I've tried several reputable brands, but they've all failed me! Even cause me to spend hundreds just to see the skin specialist to cure them back to "normal" ! Really wish to get this, and hoping that they'd help improve my sensitive skin! ;]

    1. SET 2
    2. Email address: e.hyj@hotmail.com

  16. their ingredients sound great! I would love to try set 1!


  17. Hi Janice!
    It's me, Clara again :D HAHA.
    This product seems kinda cool (:
    I'm like huge fan of natural products as well!
    I have oily face and adding chemicals to my face is never good. So yeap, was hoping that I could get the product.
    Really hope that I can like somehow cure my oily face, but not get too many pimples. >.<

    1) Set 1
    2) clara_1837@hotmail.com

  18. Hi. My name its rachal. I an a teen and I feel that my skin is getting worse each day! I have tried alot of methods but they all don't work! When I saw this on facebook, I decided to maybe try something else. I believe this product will help me as I don't want to get stressed over my up coming o levels and my skin problems. Thank u and I hope I will get to try these products out!

    I would choose set 2.

  19. 1. I Want Set 2!!
    Heard huge reviews abt BB creams & would love to try it. & since i'm in my 30s, I better start worrying about wrinkles & hope this product will help delay the process lol!

    2. Email: nurdyana25@yahoo.co.uk

    Nurdyana Lim

  20. I would like to try out their products simply because its eco and from KOREA! 90% of my cosmetics are korean brands. I do not use foundation but rely alot on BB cream. I wanna try out set 2 PLEASE...:)

    1. set 2
    2. jasmineshui@gmail.com

  21. wooowww this sounds like a perfect skin care product for me. for sensitive skin, AND whitening AND anti-wrinkle??? It would be perfect because i have been looking for BB creams lately.

    Set 2 PLEASE!!!!

    kat826@gmail.com =)

  22. set one please!

    due to my lifestyle = stress prone = skin breakouts! =(


  23. Set 1.
    Cleanser-lotion-toner. Perfect for a travel kit. Everything is there for convenience purposes. Hope that I can get 'em.

  24. SET ONE please

    I would like to try this, because I dont have a toner at home! ): This explains my poor skin condition and I do have enlarged pores ! ):
    Would like to try this, since you said that no Synthetic Preservatives, sounds really good !

    Anw, Janice, can I know how these products have helped you ?


  25. @Anonymous

    SET ONE please

    I would like to try this, because I dont have a toner at home! ): This explains my poor skin condition and I do have enlarged pores ! ):
    Would like to try this, since you said that no Synthetic Preservatives, sounds really good !

    Anw, Janice, can I know how these products have helped you ?


    Hi Ting Hui,
    As EcoBeau products are natural it does not cause my skin to be dry but very moisturized. I used to always have pimple out breaks around my chin area during "the time of the month". But this time round, I used Eco Beau cleanser and I only had one tiny pimple on my chin! so amazing.

    Oh and another thing that I noticed. It helped to control my Tzone area. My skin didn't feel as oily as before.

    Hope this helps =))

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