Janth Avenue did not begin as a business venture but rather out of the passion and the desire for exclusive jewellery.

Before JA ( Janth Avenue ), I found it difficult to find affordable and stylish hand-crafted jewellery. Prompted by that, I set about creating them for myself, my family and my friends. With much success, I was encouraged to set up an online shop in 2007. So here I am.

Whenever I travel, I would often have a look out for interesting materials to make something special and beautiful when I get home.

I love details. I love uniqueness. I also love to customize my designs to cater for individual needs.

JA remains a passion. I would always strife to offer my customers the flexibility, reliability, post-sale service and support that they deserve.

- Janice T

To order:
Email: janthavenue@gmail.com

Janth Avenue is a Singapore registered business since 2007.