August 15, 2010


Let me roll out some information about my feet situation. I am sure many of you out there face the same problem as I. I

1. Have broad feet

2. Am very prone to having blisters

3. Can't survive walking in heels for hours. ( two hours max)

I always end up buying a pair of slippers after long hours of walking or just wearing loads of plasters due to the blisters.

I am glad that now there is a better solution for all my feet problems. Let me introduce you to ROLLIES!.

For the times you have burning blisters and twisted toes after partying in towering stilettos, for those sore ankles after miles of shopping, for driving in comfort, for your after-work salsa class, for that much-needed comfort after your wedding party, for a quick-relief office shoe, for saving your precious Christian Louboutins during a downpour, for the time your rarely worn travel shoes break, and even for that dash for the last bus home.

Rollies are shoes on the go, your sole saviours in the size of your palm. Tuck them into your clutch, or grab them from a funky Rollies vending machine in an emergency.

When your feet scream in pain, dump your heels in the bag provided, slip on your Rollies and rock on! ( taken from I took a picture of a normal shoe box vs the rollies shoe box. Look how tiny it is. It is so handy to bring it around!
Look how tiny it is, it is the size of my palm.
When the shoe is worn, it will look like pretty mary janes shoes!
Here is just a quick video on my take on Rollies. And I will show how easy it is to pack your shoes and GO!
ps: this is the first cut, so please don't mind the bloopers!
They currently have 4 lovely Rollies. BLACK, SILVER GOLD and they just launched PINK!

You can get Rollies at

Price: SG$15

Overview: LOVE IT. It so soft that I can just roll it and put it in my bag. When I travel, I usually take out my shoes and wear the socks provided by the plane. Looks rather ridiculous with a nice outfit and socks. At least now I have my Rollies. Travel in style. lol

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