August 17, 2010


I just have a few things to share today. 1. Minimize Blackheads with this amazing peel gel. It is easy to use and leaves a very fresh feeling after use. It is always important to get rid of black heads. Black heads are the cause of pimples. Dirt in our follicle will be infected and thus forms a pimple. 2. Cute little lead free pewter charms bought in California. They are so uber cute. I am still thinking if I should use these charms to make a bracelet or a key chain. Any thoughts? 3. Green Tea Kit Kat from Japan got to be one of my favourite snack from Japan. You can't find this in Singapore yet so if you go to Japan, please get hold of some green tea kit kat. You will love it. If you go to Japan and actually remember this entry, it will be great if you could buy me a few boxes! =) * BIG GRIN*
And a note to all the busy people in the world - " Have a break! and rest those tired eyes! "

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