August 12, 2010

Love Stationery Land

Just a few weeks back I was surfing for some unique gifts for a farewell present for a friend that was leaving the country to further her studies. Obviously being a student, you will need pens, pencil case...basically stationery. I spent a good afternoon surfing the net to find a good online shop that sells unique stationery. I am glad I found. LoveStationeryLand♥ I am amazed with the wide variety of stationery offered. From stamps to tapes to pens to pencils, etc. You can check out their website: for the full collection. I got myself a stamp, ink pads and some cute note pads.
This is a pear and apple notepad. Isn't it so cute. Below is a picture of how I like to send out my envelopes. I like to stamp at the end of the envelope seal. It just gives a whole different feel to it. Don't you think? and please remember to clean the stamps after use!
Overall, I am very happy with Love Stationery Land. 1. Great Products 2. Affordable Prices 3. Fast delivery 4. Great Service 5. Good Quality
I will leave you with this note: "Its the little things in life that makes the world a better place"

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