June 14, 2010

[Review] SAMPAR | Natrual Skin Care + FREE GIFTS

Four days before my performace, I started having outbreaks. I was so disappointed as I really didnt want to go on stage with pimples on my face! So I quickly took out Sampar Prodigal Pen to apply it over my pimples as Sampar Prodigal Pen really clears pimples really fast!
Some goodness of this pen:
- treats and prevents pimples and blackheads
- antiseborrheic
- antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory
- soothes insect bites and razor burn
So who is SAMPAR Paris?
Sampar's Philosophy: "We have been pioneering the use of phytoaromatic active elements for 22 years. Today, it offers a new line of treatments that meets the special needs of increasingly “urban”, increasingly “natural” modern women." ( taken from http://www.sampar.sg/)
This pen is so easy to apply and it comes in a handy size which allows me to bring it with me everywhere! Its like having treatment on the go! =) During the four days of treatment before my performance, I had my Prodigal Pen near my reach.
1. On my laptop
2. On the plate of "before sleeping" essentials. 3. In my handbag! Here's your chance to clear your pimples with Sampar's Prodigal Pen!
has kindly sponsored 2Prodigal Pen to 2 Janth Avenue's readers!!!

What you need to do:
To qualify:-
1. Become a fan of SAMPAR FB page http://facebook.com/SamparSG-by clicking on the " LIKE" button.
2. Share the photo of Prodigal Pen http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3704804&id=166555524594 with your facebook friends.
3. Email to info@sampar.sg with the subject 'I Want My Prodigal Pen'
Closing date: 23rd June 2010
You can also get SAMPAR Paris products at Sephora - ION and Orchard

From now till 4th July, Janth Avenue readers can purchase the Prodigal Pen at $20 (UP $38) at Sampar's new shop (the promotional price is not available in Sephora).
The shop name is:
Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab #02-13 Orchard Central

On the concert day, my pimples cleared and I had such a great time during the performance! =)
Having good skin really makes my day! hahah

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