June 16, 2010

About Floods

Today Singapore experienced a very unusual event - FLOOD
As I was getting ready for work, my dad called me to tell me to not drive along Orchard Road today because there is a flood in Orchard Road. I replied him saying " its not that bad, Singapore will never have a flood". As I opened the house door to walk to my car, my jaw dropped. I could not believe what I saw! FLOOD! - just outside my house! The Bukit Timah canal was overflowing! - You cant even see the roads or pavements! Thank God my car was parked on a higher ground and did not affect my exhaust pipe! Here are some images of Orchard Road this morning: You can read more on the flood here. I must say Singapore has a very efficient civil defence team. They managed to drain the water all out within 3 hours! Good job! Kudos to them! Adv: Next Avenue www.nextave.blogspot.com have new pretty items!=) Check it out!

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