December 15, 2010


Christmas is such a happy period. Receiving presents and giving presents are such joyous moments! Are you in the midst of thinking of what to get for your mum? your best friend? your good friends? ?
Let me share with you something so exciting and special!
The Orange Co is having Christmas Goodie Bags special!
30 bags for Janth Avenue readers only!
Each Goodie Bag only cost $38 (worth UP $213)
Products will all be in retail size!
*only 30 bags available*
** All products from Korea**
*** Rest assured all products are top notch quality and just so good for your skin***
Your goodie bag will contain the following items that will be picked randomly to accumulate to UP $213. 1. BB Cream 2. Anti Ageing care 3. Whitening Care 4. Treatment Ampoules 5. Eye Liner 6. Mascara 7. Essence 8. Sunblock 9. Lotion 10. Cleanser 11. Toner 12. Mask 13. Peeling Vegetal 14. Pact 15. 2-Way Cake 16. Etc.
Refer to for product details and usage.
How to order:? Email: Subject: Janth Avenue goodie bag special HAVE FUN!!!!! !

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