September 2, 2010

Give you skin a break!

I always have this problem when I walk through Sephor/Watsons/Guardians or your regular drug store. The problem - I want to try that new beauty product!! Many of our makeup or beauty products contains a lot of chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals are not the best to mix and will end up with clog pores or a look that will make your skin look dehydrated. SKIN is such an important organ. Beautiful skin gives us confidence and in turn makes us happier people. The best ways to clear up your makeup and beauty products that are in your room are: 1. CHUCK AWAY those that have been lying on your dressing table for a year. 2. CHUCK AWAY those that does not show any visable results. 3. CHUCK AWAY unnecessary creams/lotions You want to just have: 1 CLEANSER 1 TONER 1 FACE CREAM 1 EYE CREAM Keep it simple. Your face does not have expensive taste. Just an ordinary brand bought at the drug stores are good enough. Trust me on this. Tried and tested!

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