September 29, 2010

Beautify your heels!

Hello everyone! I have something exciting to share with you today! Those who have been following me for quite awhile, you should know that I dig "attention to detail" items. I have been browsing the net recently and realized that there are many new blogshops in this blogsphere. One shop that caught my eyes was Pretty Things.
To give a quick summary on what Pretty Things sell - Stylish Clips for Shoes!
" For the times when you wish your shoes had a little bit more bling, for the times when you wanna stylishly avoid wardrobe malfunctions, for those after-work-parties where you just haven’t got the time to head home to change, for those frivolous little mood changes when you wanna just make an immediate change…. We have been there and we know just what you mean! We have the answers!" ( taken from ) Below are some of my favourite items from their store. Sexy Lace
Look how much glam it creates after clipping it on plain black shoe. This look is perfect for balls! Sunny Flowers - the sunny flowers can definitely give you the "chic" look. It would definitely be stunning to wear this to a beach event! or a poolside bbq event. Darling Pearl - This clip gives such a elegant touch to the shoes. Perfect for weddings!
Starry Fur - Perfect for a hot date! it does ooze sex appeal. Dont you think?
The clips are so well designed and details to the clips are amazing. If you would like to own a pair, please visit
Have fun shopping!


  1. Thanks! I've been trawling the net for something like this! I'm getting Sexy Lace for sure!

  2. Thanks! I've been looking for something like this! I've getting Sexy Lace for sure!