August 19, 2010

Hydrate your lips

The most kissable lips are smooth, not dry, chapped and tense. Having moist lips will show how dehydrated we are. Which in turns reflects on how well we take care of ourselves. If we are dehydrated, our lips will be chapped and it will most certainly not be appealing to the opposite sex. You want to achieve moist kissable lips!
You do not want: one would want to kiss these lips...
Due to today's harsh pollution and other environmental factors, we need to take special care of our lips. Drinking water will definitely aid to keep lips pink and moist. However, we still do need to apply lip balm/moisturiser. Here are some lip moisturisers you may want to try: ( top selling lip moisturisers in Japan ) (1) Mojitate Kajitsu lipbalms ( available at drugstores/pharmacies)
(2) Deep Moist lipbalms ( available at drugstores/pharmacies) (3) Shisedo Lipbalms ( available at here )

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