August 1, 2010

Deoproce- Natural Makeup suitable for asian skin.

Want to have a MATT look? Clean and bright skin? + GIVEAWAYS? This blog entry is for you!
Deoproce uses only natural ingredients, specially formulated to suit the asian delicate skin. Stimulants and stress from the external environment tire your delicate skin as time goes by. Now revitalize your skin with Deoproce Natural Skincare Series, filled with invigorating natural ingredients such as Organic Green Tea, oriental medicinal herbs, Licorice extracts, Angelica Polymorpha extract, Angelica Dahurica extract, Soybean extract, Macadamia Nut oil, Vitamins , Grape Seed oil, Rosemary, Aloe Vera and many more natural ingredients to protect the skin from external stimulants so that they are refreshed and resilient. Deoproce Natural Skincare Series provides enriched moisturizers to control skin dryness and maintain good balance of hydration. While treating your supple skin with the skincare series, you can use Deoproce makeup range for best results. (taken from I was given the opportunity to try some of the products from Deoproce. I love this Pact & Two way Cake foundation as it gives my skin the matt look which I like. Secondly, as I am big on protecting my skin from UV rays, this foundation contains SPF 15 which is perfect as I know my face is always protected! The case is so pretty. It has a shiny pinkish purple tone to it. It is great to bring it out as the casing is pretty, sturdy and looks expensive. Very glam chic!
Another good thing about this foundation set is that it has a large mirror which makes applying foundation on the go so easy. In addition, it has a plastic protective casing inside to keep the application pad in good condition.Overall, I love this product. I just need to apply a thin layer and it provides me with such a refreshing smooth and bright skin tone. It also gives me the matt look and controls my sebum. Get 50% off the second piece. (applicable for Deoproce foundation only) Do mention Janth Avenue. The next item I tried from Deoproce:

Premium Power Volume Mascara- It has excellent functionality and by using a low-irritant polymer, it provides deeper and richer eyelashes. Smudge-proof yet easy to remove.

I always recommend my readers to stick to dark black tones as this will give your eyelashes the extra boost. This mascara is waterproof which is PERFECT! even when I am sweating or crying (from a sad movie), this mascara actually stayed intact. Lovely! Orange Co has again kindly sponsored 2 Janth Avenue readers to be able to experience the Deoproce Natural Makeup experience. Item to be given away: 1. Deoproce Premium Power Volume Mascara ( as reviewed) 2. Deoproce Natural Volume Mascara
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  1. I am using the same Compact Powder and mascara too :) Becky