June 29, 2010

Yoke Bakery + GIVEAWAY

When I came home on Friday after a tiring day at work, I saw this pretty gift box on my bed. I opened the card and it was from Aberta ( owner of Yoke Bakery ). She came all the way to my place to delivery handmade cookies. This made me feel so special!.I opened the box and there was a cute gingerbread girl with my name on it! I was not expecting this at all. This box was just filled with suprises.
http://www.yokebakery.com//images/yb_main_logo.gif About Yoke Bakery from the owners: "At Yoke Bakery, we aspire to be cookie masters, to bake you truly scrumptious cookie treats for any occasion, festival or just great eats for everyday! To me, its really the little things that matter. We use only the best ingredients we can find, and the cookies are freshly baked upon order. Our cookies are carefully hand-made and wrapped with love, and then personally delivered to you by the baker herself (thats me!). Its my pleasure to share the joy in doing what we really love to do - making and enjoying cookies - with you" ( taken from www.yokebakery.com) These are some of the cookies that they make with love! PS: I really love the oatmeal cookies. Its to die for.
What I really love about Yoke Bakery is how they present their cookies. It gives you a very clean and happy feeling. It reminds me of having a lovely high tea in Australia by the river. These are some of my favourite cookies and cupcakes. You have to try them! If you have a function or high tea to organize, you have to get your cookies and cupcakes from Yoke Bakery. You don't have to worry about the taste as everything is made with love and no preservatives! In addition, you don't have to worry about decorating as their packaging is very presentable. If you want to give your friends or family memebers are very special customized gift, you can also customize your cookies. It will make your friend/family member feel really special.
Want to get this cookie box set?
Yoke Bakery has kindly sponsored a lucky Janth Avenue reader the exact same cookie set with a customized name on the gingerbread girl. To receive this set, please do the following:
Make a comment of the cookie gift set picture on facebook (here)

www.yokebakery.com Great treats, great service, great designs, great taste, you just got to love Yoke Bakery!. P/S: Just ate these cookies! Now its time for bed! Yummy! Want me to review your shop? email to janthavenue@gmail.com

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