June 8, 2010

[Review]- Scoopy & Cream icecream

On a hot day, what are a few things you want to do? 1. Have a cold shower 2. Drink a glass of water with lots of ice 3. Have icecream!! For those of you who know me well, I love ice-cream! I rather eat ice cream than to eat rice/noodles for lunch or dinner! Sometime ago I wrote it as my facebook status too!
and so I did!

With my love for ice-cream, I am so glad I found Scoopy & Cream!
Who is Scoopy & Cream? Scoopy's & Cream was inspired by the fact that ice cream has been loved & enjoyed by billions of people across the world. Ice cream has never failed to bring a smile to people's faces. As simple as ice cream can be; it has brought many happy smiles and unforgettable moments. We believe Happiness need not be always be material, but can be something as simple as enjoying Scoopy's & Cream gelato ice cream anywhere you want! ( taken from http://scoopysandcream.com/about.html)
They cater ice-cream for PARTIES! =) Have an office function? Contact SCOOPY AND CREAM! It would be great to have a ice cream buffet! don't you think? I found out about Scoopy and Cream when I was searching for Ice cream buffet in Singapore! For Party Packages, Do email them at catering@scoopysandcream.com for quotes & ideas on how to add colour to your party.

Some of my favourite flavours - Oreo cookies and Milk Tea

In Sydney........................" Enjoy the moment" visit: http://scoopysandcream.com/home.html want your shop to be reviewed by me? email to janthavenue@gmail.com

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