May 24, 2010

Wedding Projects

I have completed all my wedding projects! It has been such a joy working with 4 different brides. Each bracelet was crafted according to the bridesmaid's personality and interest. Here i have a bracelet for a bridesmaid that love cooking. Therefore I used cooking themed charms. I am unable to show you the entire bracelet just to make sure that the bridesmaids do that get a chance to see the final product but only to see it when presented by the bride to be! I added the first letter of each bridesmaids' name to make the bracelet more exclusive. Here is a one of the picture that I sent to the Bride to advise her on where I will be putting the alphabet charm. The final packaging of the bracelets to be sent to the brides. A note to the lovely Brides-to-be: Dear ML, J,K and P, It has been a great honour working with you to create exclusive and unique accessories for your bridesmaids. I sincerely hope they will love their presents and have a great wedding day! All the best ! God Bless, Janice

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