May 26, 2010

[Review]: Apothéke ...Mineral Make-Up

Apothéke An Organic Experience All Natural Mineral Make-up
What is Mineral Make-Up?

The term “Mineral Make-up” refers to products that are made from crushed mineral ingredients that are found naturally. They typically don’t contain any preservatives or other chemical components (such as bismuth oxychloride or talc) that may irritate the skin. That said, not all mineral make-up is made equal so do check the ingredient list to make sure.
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I love having the natural look rather than a dolled-up look. Mineral make-up does not create a" cakey" appearance that liquid or cream make-up might create. Apotheke uses finely granulated powder formulas which do not clog pores. The key ingredients of Apotheke's mineral make-up are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. For the above, I used Honey Medium as foundation, Clay blush to give me the rosy cheek effect, Pearl Nude eyshadow to brighten the eyes and lastly, I used Silk& Pearl mineral veil as a "setting" powder to set the make-up. This is usually applied as the final step to make-up after foundation, eyeshadow and blush.
Brushes are essential to every user of mineral make-up. This ensures that the make up application of make up gives a flawless finish. Apotheke products are made from natural goat hairs which picks up powder better than synthetic hairs and dry faster upon washing
Apotheke was featured in Business Times on 27 March 2010

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  1. Is that you?

    you should put more pictures of yourself! you look great

  2. Wish I had skin like yours! Thanks for recommending prodcts to us. :) I think I will get some mineral makeup .