April 4, 2010

[ADV] Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Post-it® Brand has become a house brand name to most of us. When we request for a "sticky paper ", we refer to " Post-it®". We will say pass me the "Post-it®" rather than saying pass me a " sticky paper". Right?! Post-it® Brand has a new range, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes
Post-it® Super Sticky Pop-up Notes Neon colours to attract attention!
Post-it® Super Sticky Large Format Notes
-Large size Post it Super Sticky! You will never miss a message
There are so many colours and sizes to choose from!!!!
For more details, please visit http://www.3m.com/us/office/postit/products/prod_notes_ss.html For Nuffnang bloggers, this is a special treat for you! 1) Mention about Post-it® “How You Use It” contest on your blog 2) Post your Post-it® “How You Use It” contest entry on your blog 3) Send your blog permalink to post-it@nuffnang.com 4) That’s it! You instantly win a Post-it® Hamper(worth $20)!
WOW!!!! Grab your Post-it® Super Sticky Notes NOW

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