May 25, 2008

About 14k gold filled

I have been asked alot of times on the difference between GOLD FILLED and GOLD PLATED...? Why do you use GOLD FILLED ear wires when others use GOLD PLATED wires?.
So here's the information for you: 14k gold filled wire is a professional jewelers grade wire. It will not tarnish, crack, chip, peel, or turn your skin green. It will last an entire lifetime. Gold filled wire is not plated. It is a tube of solid 14K gold that is then filled with jeweler's brass. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled than in gold plate wire. The cost of gold filled wire fluctuates with the daily gold market on the stock exchange. 14K gold filled wire matches your solid 14K gold jewelry perfectly because that is exactly what you are looking at; 14K gold. On why I use gold filled ear wires only: I have pretty sensitive ears and I know how irritating it can be one i put on a pair of earrings using gold plated ear wires and my ears start to turn red. However, with gold filled ear wires I do not have that problem. The cost of a pair of Gold filled ear wires are about 10 times more (or even more) expensive than gold plated ear wires. If its not going to cause my ears to itch and not peel or crack ...i really do not mind paying for it =)) With the recent increase of gold prices, gold filled ear wires prices have also increased. Do not worry, I did not include the increase in cost to the prices..=)))
Have a great day!