December 5, 2007

JA 00209-07: SOLD TO S.

Hi everyone, most of you would not know this but i just went to Japan 3 weeks ago. I then managed to grab hold of Japan's LATEST beading materials!! ....(which no where in Singapore is going to even its going to be really unique).

I have decided to set this item up for auction! =))

So, send me an email stating your offer price to I will be on leave tmrw, so I'll be online for the entire time.

Auction price starts at SG$25
Buy it now price: SG$45

The auction period ends on Thursday 6 Dec 2007 11pm (Singapore time). - ENDED

* Offer by B: SG$26

* Offer by L: SG$33

* Offer by T: SG$35

* Offer by S: SG $38 ( HIGHEST BIDDER - SOLD)

Materials used: Pinkish tone chains, heart charms and swarovski crystals. All materials from Japan.

Total drop for earrings : approx 2.5cm

Bracelet : please provide me with your wrist size so that i can adjust accordingly.