December 12, 2007


Hi hi =) yes yes, I'll be giving this lovely pair of earrings away for FREE.

CONGRATULATIONS YSY!!! you will be getting your hands on this beau very soon!
Materials used: Czech beads, inverted flowers, chains, fairies charms.
Total drop is approx: 5cm
but as they say....nothing in this world is free..right? so what do you need to do is to get your hands on this beau?

Simply answer 4 questions.

1. What is the name of my dog? * Booski
2. How old is he on 25 Dec? * 8 Years old
3. What is his friend's name? * Mikey
4. What breed is he? (this is a tough question, but make a guees. He is a cross breed, so you just need to mention one breed) * he is a mix of Samoyed + Border Collie.....
* hint- i have an entry about my dog ( see below) *
- His breed starts with S.......+ B....... (there are not many breeds that starts with S).
Send your answers to

The first person that gets all 4 questions correct will get this beau sent to her home absolutely for free.
The winner will be notified via email.

Hurry! start sending your answers to me now =)!!!!
All the best.



Samoyed (fur ball):

Border Collie (lightest brown):


yup, he used to be much whiter when he was in Aus....